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How to choose an Online Bingo Site

The internet is packed with online bingo sites as the growth in playing the game continues to grow. There seems to be new bingo sites being launched all the time, but which ones should you join and what do you need to look for when deciding which are the Best Online Bingo Sites to join? This article will help you make the right choice when deciding which are the best new bingo sites to join and will give you an entertaining time playing on while be totally safe and secure when it comes to financial transactions.

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Barbados Bingo

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Deposit £10 & Win Up To 500 Free Spins

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs and wagering requirements apply.
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Deposit £10 play with £90 + Free spins

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs and wagering requirements apply.
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Sundae Bingo

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Deposit £10 play with £90 + Free spins

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs and wagering requirements apply.
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YAY Bingo

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Deposit £10 play with £90 + Free spins

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs and wagering requirements apply.
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Deposit £10 play with £70 + Free spins

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Deposit £10 play with £70 + Free spins

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs and wagering requirements apply.
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£15 Free No Deposit Bingo

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£15 Free No Deposit Bingo

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs and wagering requirements apply.
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New Bingo Sites 2018

A Good Reputation

Whether it’s New Bingo Sites UK or any other kind of product, it is best to take your business to a supplier that knows what it is doing and has plenty of people who can vouch that they are to be trusted.

When looking for New Bingo Sites 2018 to join, it’s important to look for one that is produced by a company that has plenty of experience in the industry. Companies such as Tau Gaming have produced several bingo sites. They have a good reputation for producing enjoyable new online bingo sites and are totally trusted when it comes to financial transactions.

Before you decide to register with what you hope are going to be the best new bingo sites, have a look at the site and in particular the corporate information. The ‘About Us’ section will have details about the company running the website.

It’s important that the site you wish to join is licensed and regulated by a body such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. If that is the case then they have someone to answer too and won’t want to be doing anything that is illegal, especially where finances are involved. If you see new bingo sites 2018 has seen launch and they aren’t regulated or licensed, be wary. The same applies to sites and the subject of responsible gaming. If they don’t have information about that, then it might indicate they don’t care too much about their customers.

There is usually plenty of publicity before new online bingo sites officially launch all claiming that they are going to be the best new bingo sites. Don’t just sign up the moment that the site launches, wait a little while to get some early reaction to the new kid on the block. That’s because it is always good to read the views of others when considering which New Bingo Sites 2018, you should join. Read some reviews and see what customers have said about the sites you wish to become a member of. If there are lots of negative reviews, then it’s an idea to look elsewhere but if glowing, then it’s time to join up.

Who can Play

Some New Bingo Sites 2018 are open to people from all nations. That isn’t always the case though, so check out the terms and conditions of the website. It’s not going to be any fun getting yourself all excited about joining a site and then finding out you can’t.

Welcome Offers

The online bingo industry is a very competitive one and that can often be good news for customers. New bingo sites in 2018 will be keen to present new customers with an enticing welcome offer but they need close inspection.

A new online bingo website may offer players everything from matched deposits – deposit £10 and they give you £10 – or free spins or even the chance to spin a Mega Wheel. Some offers look extremely enticing, particularly those that say if you deposit £10 they will give you £30 to play with. However, you need to read the terms and conditions because of a certain element called wagering requirements.

Some sites have very high wagering requirements, sometimes around the 40x mark. That means if you receive £30, you must wager that 40 times before it’s possible to make a withdrawal from your account, which would mean wagering £1200.  The more you have to wager, the less chance of you avoiding losing and you may even lose your bonus. There may be a maximum amount you can make from the bonus cash you receive.

Before you decide to join a new online bingo site, find out as much about the rules of the site, looking for the words ‘real cash’ rather than yet more ‘bonus cash’ subject to wagering requirements.


A Welcome Offer only happens once so after that’s been used up you want to see lots more promotions. It’s not going to be great fun joining a site that only has the occasional promotion. Before you join a new online bingo site, look around and there should be a page dedicated to promotions. Hopefully it’ll be packed with promotions and if that is the case then it’s a very good reason to be joining. Again though, look at terms and conditions re wagering requirements. That’s advisable when it comes to loyalty schemes. Some need extremely high amounts wagered in order for you to reach the top levels.

Financial Transactions

This is one of the most important areas that you need to consider when joining a new online bingo site. No one wants to end up joining a site that has low levels of security that could see you lose money in ways other than missing out on a full house. A good look through the financial section of the FAQs should allay any fears, if still worried best not to join. The same applies to the payment methods that can be used, if they only have a limited number you can use and don’t include the one you want to use, then that’s a problem.

Also read through the information on the site to ensure there are no fees charged on deposits/withdrawals. They might be small but build up in the long run. Another issue to consider is the minimum/maximum deposits and withdrawals that must be made. Too high a figure isn’t helpful.

Games on Offer

Obviously, this is an important area to consider when joining new bingo sites 2018 will see introduced. You are joining to play games and it’s important that there is a wide choice of them to be playing. Spending every night playing the same kind of games can get a bit boring after a while. Look for a site that offers 90-ball, 75-ball and speed bingo games. Chat games are a good addition too.

Time on a bingo site isn’t all about trying to get a full house. It’s good to see a site offer lots of slot games too, particularly ones that have progressive jackpots. Some casino games and perhaps some scratch cards to add great variety to the site. Also have a look at who the software providers are for the site. If they are top names such as Microgaming, Betsoft or NetEnt, then you are going to be assured some great entertainment. It’s good to join a site that offers their customers the opportunity to play demo version of their games. That way you won’t be spending your real cash learning how to play games and suffering losses because you’re not quite sure on the rules.

It’s also important to join up with an online bingo site that moves with the times. Offering new games on a regular basis is always good to see, something that also applies to the promotions that they offer.

Customer Service

Online bingo sites have lots happening on them, well they better have because if they haven’t you won’t want to be joining them, will you?  The more that there is on a site, the more chance there is of something cropping up that you need some help with.

It could be a question about financial transactions, a technical issue, explanation needed of a new promotion or a query about bonuses. It’s important that when joining a new online bingo site, you register with one that offers lots of help to its customers. Help can come in the form of live chat, emailing or phoning them, sometimes even sending a tweet or reading an extensive FAQs section.

It’s fantastic if the live chat is a 24/7 service as help will always be available. Sites that don’t have live chat at all or only offer them up to say 6pm are a bit off-putting. Check to see how long they take to reply to emails too and make sure that any phone calls aren’t at premium rates as that can be very costly.

House Edge

Look at reviews of the site to see if there have been any complaints about how fair the games are on that website. If players rarely win progressive jackpots or the slot machines don’t pay out big prizes, then best to avoid. Some sites have a page dedicated to winners of big prizes so that’s a big plus.

Community Spirit

When you join a new online bingo site, it’s not entirely about playing all your favourite games. There’s the chatrooms where you can make lots of friends and it’s always entertaining if the chat moderators provide plenty of entertainment too. Going back to the winner’s page, that’s also good for community spirit.

Mobile App

As enjoyable as it may be playing online bingo sites on your PC, there must be a time when you go out. Now that might mean you miss a big cash game so being able to play the online bingo site on your mobile devices is a big plus.

Some sites have their own mobile apps that can easily be downloaded free of charge. Others simply offer the chance to play the site online on your phone. If these options are available, that’s a big plus especially if you go out a lot. If there is an app, find out just what it offers. Most allow you to play all your favourite games on the move. If there’s only a limited number of games available that’s not so desirable. New online bingo sites may not have mobile access in their early days so if this is important to you, it might be worth waiting a while to join.

Appearance and Navigation

Joining a bingo site that you just can’t stand the sight of isn’t the best of ideas. It’s not just about whether it has a style that you don’t like – for example a cartoonish looking one – but whether it looks cluttered or not.  Everything needs to look clear and easy to read so if it isn’t that is going to cause problems for you.

Navigation is also important and it’s a nightmare if there’s just minutes to go to the big bingo game and you can’t find where it is. It’s helpful if there are good search engines on the site. This can be very helpful if there are a lot of slot games on the site. Just putting a name in a box or an A to Z search can save a lot of time. It’s also helpful if you can list your own favourites.


As you will have read there are a lot of things to consider when deciding which online bingo site to join. You want to join one that is trustworthy, has someone to answer too if doing anything wrong and won’t cause you any problems when it comes to financial transactions.

A good welcome offer and lots of promotions is always good to see as long as they aren’t accompanied by too many restrictions such as high wagering requirements. Lots of games to play is a must and accompanied by some variety and produced by top software designers.

You want to join a site that really cares for its customers. That’s shown by the existence of a fair loyalty scheme and lots of help being offered to their customers. The ability to play all their games on your mobile devices is also helpful.

It’ll take a bit of research, but these are important steps that need to be taken when looking at which new online bingo sites to register with.