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Bingo Minions Review

Minions are an iconic, yellow symbol for everything that makes life good: unmitigated joy, a bubbly attitude, and friends. These immensely huggable and incredibly lovable characters from Despicable Me are unbelievably popular with people of all ages. With such popularity, it only makes sense that a bingo website was quick to take advantage of their popularity and make an entire service themed around them! On Bingo Minions, these cute yellow creatures follow you as you explore the site, and also help you to register and see all the fantastic promotions! They act like your own personal tour guides around the site and they make sure you always have a great time. Read our Bingo Minions review below and see if this game can bring you buckets of happiness too.

Bingo Minions Review Best Online Bingo Sites

Your Welcome Bonus

Any good bingo website is smart enough to give you a welcome bonus, and Bingo Minions is no different in that regard! You only need to make an initial deposit of £10 to be given a bonus of £20. In other words, you will be starting out on the site with a humongous total of £30 to try out all of the games you could want! And if you are running a bit short, you can get the opportunity to win a little bit back by having a go at the popular Wheel of Prizes.

No matter what, the Wheel guarantees a £5 win. So, you will have a grand total of £35 to explore the site with.


  • Adorable Characters
  • Solid Welcome Bonus
  • User-Friendly
  • Prizes as High as £2500
  • Mobile-Optimized


  • Networked Promotions
  • Not Very Original

Bottom Line

While Bingo Minions is not a unique or innovative website, players can still expect to get a solid set of games to play that are reliable and fair to them. While the mechanics of this site are not the most originals, the people that do frequent the site have developed a strong community from their love of the adorable Minions and their love of the Bingo games offered by the website. This website is a must-see for anyone who considers themselves a fan of the Minions.

In Detail


People used to more mainstream sites will be shocked at the lack of payment options here. Although, the best part of this website is that deposits are immediately processed with not wait time, and players are not charged for any withdrawals.

Making Deposits

Bingo Minion’s minimum deposit is a mere £5, but if you want to get your hands on that welcome offer we talked about, you will need to put £10 into your account. You can use these methods:

  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Solo

This website could use more ways to pay like Skrill, Boku or Neteller, but for now you will have to make do. We will update this Bingo Minions review as and when significant changes are made to the site or game.

Making Withdrawals

To be allowed to withdraw from your account, you will need a minimum balance of £30. When you choose to withdraw, the money you take out will be sent to the very same card you use to deposit money into your account. This process can take between four and seven business days after your request. You can get in touch with the support team to get help with your withdrawal or want to be informed of its progress.


They say all work and never stopping to play is bad for anyone. Luckily, the team who created this bingo website made it so that you do not have to make that choice. Their specially-crafted lobby rooms make it easy to chat and play the game of your choice!

Bingo Games

By associating themselves with the beloved Minions, this website has really set their standards high for themselves. Luckily, if you were expecting some amazing-quality games, you will not be disappointed. Jumpman, a popular gaming company, has stocked the website with everything you will need to have a fantastic time.

These rooms are prone to getting busy, since many of the jackpot games are networked. However, this is more than made up for by the fun and exciting experience. You can even pre-buy tickets for a game, if you so choose.

Slot Machines

If you are looking for a few good quality games to spend some free time on, this Bingo Minions review has you covered and gives you all the info you need to play. Their selection of slot games aims for quality rather than quantity, making their list appear shorter than most other websites. However, every single game they offer is a top-quality game you could easily enjoy sinking as much time as you want into. Enjoy a relaxing evening in and play as many top-tier slot games as you can stomach.


If you visit the URL for the website form any mobile browser, you will be immediately transferred to a fully mobile-optimized version of the website, where you can play all of your favourite games at absolutely zero disadvantage to those playing via desktop.


Phone Number: 01481-734554
Email Support:

The website also offers and FAQ section for fast solutions.

Bonus Features

Loyalty Points

If you manage to accrue enough loyalty point, you can convert them into amazing bonuses to net you free tickets and games. Occasionally, you will be able to take advantage of special promotions to earn more points more quickly, to get even more prizes!

Final Comments

We here at Online Best Bingo, we strongly recommend you give Bingo Minions a try! There is no harm in it when you stand to gain so, so much.


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